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Accent Reduction/Accent Modication Training Sessions


What happens during the accent training sessions?


-Development of speaking skills so that clients can both communicate with native English speakers and confidently pursue academic and/or career goals

-Individual or small group sessions for both Native and non-Native speakers of English

-Pre and post assessments determining error sounds affecting a client's pronunciation of Standard American English

-Training for self-awareness of sound errors and how to repair and self-correct

-Education and training related to the suprasegmentals of speech such as stress, tone, intonation, rhythm

-Education and training for vocabulary development and grammar skills

-Preparation for presentations as applicable

-50% of each session is focused on speaking development and practice

-Client-led and content-based sessions

-Utilization of methods to perfect and build on what clients already know


Why are these sessions helpful?


-Boost your confidence level         

-Achieve personal and professional goals with effective communication skills                       

-Be understood, the first time          

-Reduce communication breakdowns          

-Eliminate communication barriers


These services can also be considered "Accent Addition Services" as coined by a Swedish instructor.  Do not worry about losing your identify. Simply, learn how to 'code switch' and use your accent differently depending on who you are communicating with family/friends vs. employers/employees/co-workers. 



ASHA's description for modification services 

Multimedia source of news and information for English learners 

Accents and recall study 


​Interested in finding out more about any of these services?



Cash, Check or Paypal only for these services. Payment is due at time of service. Discounts are available if sessions are pre-paid.


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